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Flamingo Photographers, masters of Milestone Portraits, celebrate life's special moments with fun, authenticity, and skill, capturing everything from graduations, senior portraits, weddings, engagements, to your personal triumphs, creating timeless keepsakes of your unique journey.

Welcome to Flamingo Photographers, the masters of capturing Milestone Portraits. This enthusiastic team of professionals has an uncanny talent for freezing the precious moments of life's journey into timeless keepsakes – be it a graduation, senior year, a wedding, an engagement, or any other milestone that deserves a spotlight. The Flamingo Photographers believe that every milestone is a chapter in your life's story. Be it the pride of wearing your graduation cap, the nostalgia of your senior year, the bliss of saying 'I do,' or the joy of sliding that engagement ring onto your loved one's finger - they capture it all with heart and skill. And it's not just about these typical milestones. Flamingo Photographers understand that life is filled with personal triumphs and turning points worth celebrating. Maybe it's the day you opened your own business, completed a marathon, or bought your first home. Whatever your personal milestone may be, they're there to commemorate it with you, clicking the shutter at just the right moment. Fun, casual, and deeply personal – that's what a photo session with Flamingo Photographers feels like. They keep the atmosphere light and enjoyable, ensuring you feel comfortable and authentic in front of the camera. They capture not just your milestone, but also the unique emotions that come with it - the excitement, the pride, the joy, and sometimes, even the bittersweet moments of change. So, whatever milestone you're approaching, consider Flamingo Photographers your personal time-capsule creators. They are not just photographing a moment; they are capturing an era of your life. With them, you get more than just pictures - you get a tangible piece of your life's story, a snapshot of your journey that will always remind you of how far you've come. With Flamingo Photographers, every click of the camera is a celebration of your life's unique milestones, transforming your precious moments into timeless memories.

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20 Edited Photos
Access to Full Library
Prints, Frames and More at Checkout
Up to 6 People
This Session Takes Approximately 30 Min.


45 Edited Photos
Access to Full Library
Prints, Frames and More at Checkout
Up to 12 People
This Session Takes Approximately 1 Hour

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